HPE Pointnext: Answers to 6 Common Questions

By Josh Monina

One thing that stays consistent in the enterprise IT space is change. Innovation occurs daily within the information technology industry, meaning that change is inevitable. 

The way we did something last year or even last month is often replaced by something new with big promises: greater efficiency, increased speed, and better outcomes overall.

One of those innovations and changes that delivers on those promises is the evolution of a special division with HPE – the Pointnext business unit.  Below, we’ve quickly answered a few common questions about HPE Pointnext and the related supply chain now available to all partners and customers.

Hpe Pointnext Logo


What is the Pointnext distribution channel? 

On a macro level, Pointnext is HPE’s IT services arm that “bridges the gap between your digital vision and reality with global technology services.” 

Within HPE Pointnext, there are three divisions: 

  1. Advisory and Professional Services
  2. Operational Services
  3. Education Services 

Within Operational Services exists a powerful, but often underutilized resource: a distribution channel that provides mission critical products to the market on a daily basis. Historically, this unique supply chain has been reserved for service and maintenance requests. 

However, since 2020, B2X Global partnered with HPE to bring this powerful resource to reseller partners to benefit their businesses and help improve outcomes for customers. 

Wait, I thought Pointnext was about digital transformation…?  

Pointnext is definitely a part of “digital transformation.” A major element of achieving transformation is effectively deploying the solutions that make it work. This is where Pointnext thrives.

To keep moving towards these important transformations, organizations must also operate within the realities of today’s marketplace, staying current with the demands of evolving hardware and a constantly changing supply chain. The agile nature of Pointnext keeps organizations supported today so they can build towards a new tomorrow.

Speaking of transformation, how has Pointnext responded during COVID?

2020 taught all of us that the unexpected can strike at any time. As physical offices were avoided for months and social norms quickly changed, we saw unprecedented challenges in the supply chain and distribution channel for HPE’s most popular products.

However, Pointnext has allowed HPE and its partners to respond, adapt and thrive in the past year and we’re confident it will only continue to support success in this dynamic environment.

How is this different from my current distributor’s supply chain?

In many ways, it’s exactly the same: HPE product delivered by HPE’s Global Supply team. The difference is in the allocation and path to market.

In the default supply chain (what HPE calls “North American Channels”), products are manufactured and allocated to the five broadline distributors based on past run-rates and upcoming forecasts.  But it’s important to note that all five distributors are pulling from the same place with effectively the same set of rules and goals.

On the Pointnext side, the distribution channel feeds two paths: HPE Enterprise Parts Store and the few selected Authorized Parts Distributors. B2X Global is one of these distributors and currently the only one with a pure focus on servicing reseller partners.  

Can’t I just access it on my own? 

You are welcome to give that the ole college try. However, like most partners, you’ll quickly discover that the Parts store is not set-up to act or respond like a full scale distributor. No tech support, no discounts, limited visibility on the products available or in stock.  

This is by design. HPE has contracted B2X, as an experienced and focused organization, to bring the Pointnext channel to market, while providing all the traditional distributor services that reseller partners are used to.    

Additionally, trying to buy directly from HPE would remove some of the most valuable and strategic inventory. B2X Global’s team runs quantitative and qualitative analysis on the market for HPE products daily – and places large stocking positions to have those products available exactly when resellers need them. 

If you are a reseller that likes to work with industry veterans that understand the channel, get answers from certified experts, and efficiently deploy projects – B2X Global and the Pointnext supply chain is a must-have tool.

Okay, I’m sold on Pointnext as valid channel. Why should I work with B2X and not another distributor?

B2X is the only distributor within PointNext with a 100% focus on Partners and supporting resellers; we have decades of experience working with over 1200 resellers. 

Both the sales and engineering team have deep experience servicing resellers and solutions providers, so we have a thorough understanding of how to support the goals and aims.

Additionally, B2X is the North American Channel’s preferred Parts distributor. B2X has daily interaction with HPE’s Channel Development and Support team. To validate, ask your iPBM who they would recommend as the best option for your business.

More questions? Ready to get started? Reach out to us and let’s get the conversation going.