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The B2X Process.


Identify Tier 1 products that fit our strict 80/20 criteria


Leverage the motivations of manufacturer & distributors


Create proprietary channels & vet trusted sources


Share our hard-won expertise for customer's benefit


Offer deal-reg pricing without restrictions & hassles


Provide free support, configuration, testing & blind-shipment

What We Stock.


Servers: Proliant rack + blade configurations

Storage: MSA arrays, 3Par shelves, StoreVirtual SANs

Upgrades: memory, hard drives, cards, etc.

Software: enhanced licenses + CarePack support


Networking: all fixed port + modular switches from branch to core

Wireless: all 300 series access points.

Upgrades: modules, SFPs, cables, related options


Networking: Catalyst & Nexus switches, routers, security, wireless, phones

Upgrades: modules, SFPs, cables, memory, related upgrades

Software: enhanced feature set subscription licenses + SMARTnet support


Servers: PowerEdge rack + blade configurations

Upgrades: memory, hard drives, cards, controllers, HBAs, related options

Support: all ProSupport options


Networking: EX/QFX switches and select security appliances

Upgrades: SFPs, modules and cables

Software: enhanced feature licenses + JCARE support


Microsoft: licensing + software


OEM: Samsung, Hynix, Micron, Intel

Compatibles: memory, SFPs, cables, etc.

100% Complimentary Services.

  • Pre-Sales Engineering that ensures you’re meeting all your customer’s needs – and maximizing the value of their purchase.

  • Custom Configurations that make us a true value-added distributor. All server orders are integrated, tested, and updated with the manufacturer’s most recent and available firmware.

  • Close Relationship where we help you close deals and go that extra mile for your customer.

  • True Appreciation from B2X. We enjoy sending first-order gifts, as well as spending time – and even taking trips – with long-term clients.

  • NET 30 Credit Terms creatively customized to work for you.

  • Dedicated Support from a member of the same brilliant team that directly quoted your deals.

  • Blind Drop-Shipments that keep us your top-secret sidekick. Be your customer’s hero on every order!

  • Global Delivery means whether you’re in the Maldives or Munich, we can deliver.

  • e-Procurement that makes your job easier. So you efficiently stay updated on all orders, we integrate with your quote, order, or fulfillment software.

  • Within-24-Hours Shipping because we curate our stock with finesse, based on 30+ years’ experience paired with real-time data.

  • OEM and 3rd-Party Maintenance Contracts are often available for our products, depending on the condition and deal requirements.

  • Warranties that mirror what you’d get from the traditional channel – but with better customer service, impressive pricing, and optimal delivery speed.

Lightning-quick quotes.

We’re confident that you’ll find real value – and a real difference – at B2X. New and great things can happen to established and mature industries, come experience it for yourself.

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