August 30, 2021

Large HPE Reseller Taps B2X to Help Win Six-Figure Upgrade Deal for State Agency

Case Studies

See how one reseller is winning new business and hitting deadlines for customers by embracing a new channel partnership.


Embracing a New Channel to Get Better Results

TechPower engaged B2X Global after submitting a bid to a large state agency that had decided to update an internal training system.  The two-part deal—including host servers and storage capacity upgrades—was highly competitive, attracting multiple bids from different resellers. 

“The customer was thinking in a time sensitive manner,” said Scott Barker, Manager of Public Sector Sales at TechPower, “I went through the normal channels. Contract price came back and looked just okay. I set up a Big Deal through HP, which came back higher than the contract deal. I was quite worried, at this point. I knew there were other bids out there and I didn’t feel comfortable riding on this quote.”

The state agency required Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) original products for it’s warranty, support, performance, and security. To secure the deal, Scott knew he had to find a way to bring the price down and do it fast.


Committing to Lower Price and Quicker Delivery Time

After submitting the original quote, Scott decided to contact B2X to see if he could improve his offer. “I got a response within ten minutes,” he said. “For such an urgent deal, this was huge. When I send things off to my default distributor, I won’t hear anything for days, not even an acknowledgement. I have to follow-up and send reminders.”

A Fast, Straightforward Quote

Scott sidestepped the need for the registration, big deal requirement, and lengthy back and forth that would have cost him valuable time (and possibly the deal).

  • Much faster response time than default distributors
  • Access to unique HPE pricing without Big Deal requirement
  • Substantially lower quote compared to contract and registration pricing

Transparent Inventory Timelines

The state agency had to receive the product by a certain date to get funding. So Scott needed a reseller who’d commit to an aggressive timeline.

  • Received firm 30-day ETA for equipment delivery
  • Strengthened deal with a highly competitive timeline
  • Built confidence in discounts and programs offered to agency



Winning a Six-Figure Deal and Delivering as Promised

After getting the new quote from B2X, Scott resubmitted his bid to the state agency. After days not hearing back on previous bids, he got an immediate positive response from the customer. Soon thereafter, Scott got word back that he’d one the opportunity. 

Within a few weeks, the purchase order arrived and was processed with B2X. As promised, the drives arrived in the required 30-day timeframe. “You guys knew you could do it and you did it,” said Scott, “which was awesome.”

After the product was received by the customer and deployed to their systems, Scott realized how significant this deal was to his business moving forward. “This opens some big doors for me,” he said, giving a nod to how better pricing and improved lead times give him an advantage in the highly competitive state, local, and education (SLED) market. 

“You guys set a really high bar with this. I deal with great companies and great people, but this creates great leverage for me. I can’t think of a single negative aspect of this deal or relationship, it was all positive.”



Won $100,000+ deal with large state agency Delivered HP drives on time to client Gained new leverage for deals moving forward


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