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B2X Global, an Authorized HPE Distributor, provides strategic sourcing and services to value-added resellers across the United States. We’re committed to forthright operations and understand the importance of long-lasting relationships. As your trusted advisor and value-added distributor, we’ll be your eyes and ears – offering our expertise to transform your supply chain, enhance your productivity and, most importantly, increase your profitability.

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Value-Added Distribution

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Swiftly delivering in-demand hardware to IT resellers, supplying expertise in functionally equivalent parts, and more.

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HPE Pointnext Supply Chain

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Providing new HPE parts as an Authorized Distributor and Pointnext Services provider.

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Appliance Solutions

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Expertly managing the hardware configuration and inventory requirements of server-based appliance programs.

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IT Lifecycle Services

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Offering a range of services, from pre-sales validation to extending the life of your end-user’s legacy system.

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