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Experience a truly strategic & complementary distributor and what a difference it makes for your clients and your bottom line.

Watch how we streamline the supply chain:

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Update: HPE announces that B2X Global has been recognized as Authorized Parts Distributor with the goal of solving common supply chain and distribution challenges for HPE Reseller Partners.

Access Unique Resources, Supply and Discounts.

Whether you’re in the market for servers, networking, security, storage, or component upgrades, we’re a vendor that brings you victory. With complimentary value-added services, you maintain a competitive edge – and enjoy serious success.

The same product and customer outcomes. Better service, customization, and prices.

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From east coast to west, our clients entrust us with their hard-won customers.

Real relationship building sets us apart.

Does your supplier value long-term connections? Do they listen to every word, and then customize IT hardware and solutions accordingly? If an opportunity for them isn’t the best choice for you – or your customers – do they pass it up?

With us, keeping your customers happy is easier.

Make Your Life Easier

Finally, a seamless fit.

No matter your current workflow, we integrate with ease. As your trusted partner, we blind drop-ship orders – and you get all the credit. And if you ever want us to interface with your customers (some of our clients do), we’re talented at that too.

Our process is simple, fast, and empowering.

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Monitoring the market, we deliver top products at a better price, speed, and value than the competition. Thanks to our hands-on experience with everything we sell, you’re speaking with the test drivers – and getting our candid insights.

We’re proud to be your loyal, agile sidekicks:

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We’re confident that you’ll find real value – and a real difference – at B2X. New and great things can happen to established and mature industries, come experience it for yourself.

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