January 20, 2019

Is your biz ready for IoT?

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As holiday gift ideas plaster your screens, from Echo Dots to Furbo treat-dispensing dog cameras . . . what’s on your wish list this year?

Anything from the good ol’ Internet of Things (IoT)?

(And let’s be honest . . . did you buy any IoT gifts for yourself during Cyber Week? We saw those killer Amazon deals too, and we don’t blame you.)

More and more Jetsons-style tech is developing and emerging. My recent trip to the Ingram ONE conference illuminated even more about the ever-growing IoT sector. Whether you’d like your washing machine to automatically order more detergent when you’re running low, or you’d prefer to skip the (self-)checkout line, expect your life to get more streamlined.

Join us for a quick intro to IoT – and its wider impact on the IT industry.

First Things First: What the heck is the IoT, exactly?

We’ve all heard the phrase thrown around, but let’s get this clear:

The Internet of Things refers to the billions of physical devices around the world connected to the internet, collecting and sharing data.

Though this idea isn’t new (. . . it’s been around since the ’80s!), the wave really picked up steam when Steve Jobs made our phones “smart.” All it took was a connection to Wi-Fi networks, enabling real-time data communication through a small device. A clever disguise for a supercomputer in our pocket.

Since then, our global communications infrastructure developed to the point where we can stick a small RFID tag (more on that below) on literally any physical object and “listen” to that device – “hearing” its location, speed, temperature, status, health, etc.

We believe that many solution providers will engage in IoT conversations sooner than later, so let’s do a quick overview.

4 Key Elements to IoT

Every IoT environment requires the following – and we can supply you with #2 and #3:

  1. Sensors. From Wi-Fi + Bluetooth to RFID + ZigBee, the methods of collecting + transmitting a device’s data output are encountering a growth spurt – you’ll find quite a variety.
  2. Gateway. Though gateways take many forms, depending on the application, the most common is called a wireless access point, aka the hub of communication that receives info from your device.
  3. Computation. Something’s gotta make that “smart” device smart. Your server & storage infrastructure – whether housed in the cloud or on-premise hardware – is doing the grunt work (i.e., processing all that “thing” data).
  4. Communication. That’s the output required for the system to work, which turns massive Big Data sets => useful information.

Gateway Hardware

Check out Aruba’s line of instant access points (IAPs) to get your office in gear for the New Year:

Aruba 300 Series: Entry-Level 802.11ac Wave 2 Access Points

  • For medium-density environments
  • Improve your network’s efficiency
  • Simplify your remote network management via a Bluetooth Aruba Beacon (for users with battery-powered Aruba Beacons)

Aruba 310 Series: High-Performance 802.11ac Wave 2

  • For dense environments
  • Offer the fastest gigabit data speeds
  • Extra-excellent for IoT
  • Also helps remote network management with battery-powered Aruba Beacons

> See all of Aruba’s Enterprise-Grade Wi-Fi Access Points. We can advise + supply you with whichever setup is best for your customer’s unique environment. You don’t have to sweat choosing the right products when you give B2X a ring @ (855) 800-8762!

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Computation Hardware

Need supplies for IoT Key #3?

Try a custom-configured ProLiant option (. . . we can also provide Dell servers!).

HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen10 Server

  • Trusted platform for numerous IoT + related Big Data infrastructures.
  • Fully customizable to meet the needs of any IoT application + data set
  • Your B2X experts can configure with appropriate compute + memory resources . . . plus specialty upgrades, from king-sized flash storage to GPUs that excel at intense parallel processing.

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So, tell me, Dan, where’s IoT headed?

The age of IoT has arrived, everyone! Connected devices will become more and more ubiquitous – in myriad areas of our lives – over the next few years.

You see, the world already holds 11 BILLION connected devices . . . and Gartner predicts over 20B by the end of next year.

In other words, there’s no stemming this tide. Whether we like it or not, our “things” (a comical understatement, given their advanced abilities!) talk to the internet.

Naturally, this connection raises some serious – and valid – concerns regarding privacy + security. Most consumers with an Echo in their home discovered that eavesdropping could happen anytime. Not just when they interact with the device.

The fallout? . . . Each connected device represents a poorly-guarded gateway for hackers to enter a network and do damage to companies + individuals. These serious issues must be worked out in the coming years, for everyone’s safety – and with the minds at work these days, I predict that we’ll all watch amazing IoT-security advances.

No matter your stance re: these concerns, IoT + our hyper-connected world are just getting started; this wave is in its infancy.

With total world spending on IoT exceeding $2,000,000,000,000 (yep, that’s 2 trillion!) last year, we invite you to join us in capturing the economic opportunity – and helping to shape the IoT industry and implementations for the most good – while mitigating the risks.

Got projects developing in this space?

We’d love to hear about them! Reach out, and let’s talk about where you are on the IoT journey.

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We’re confident that you’ll find real value – and a real difference – at B2X. New and great things can happen to established and mature industries, come experience it for yourself.

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