Straightforward answers to your questions.

  • How swiftly do you send back quotes?

    Usually we reply by email within 15–20 minutes.

  • Once I pick a solution, how quick is implementation?

    We go the extra mile, with most solutions shipped within 24 hours.

  • How well-versed are you in IT software, computer hardware, cloud storage, etc.?

    Our team is expertly trained and your best option for engineering, both for presales and tech support.

  • Where do you deliver solutions to?

    Whether you’re in Munich or the Maldives, we’ll digitally deploy solutions across the globe.

  • What brands do you offer?

    From HP and Dell to Cisco and Juniper, we stock a wide range of high-demand, high-performance products. We also have 100s of touchpoints in the channel market, so we can procure what you need.

  • What if you can’t secure the best deal for me?

    Because we’re dedicated to open and honest communication, we’ll transparently tell you that you – and your customers – are better off with an alternative.

  • How does your team handle credit?

    We work with you to create smart solutions to any credit barriers. Plus, we offer NET 30 terms as standard.

  • How much might I save with B2X?

    You should save 10–15% off the traditional channel, on everything from computer hardware to cloud storage solutions.

  • What if I want a product that’s not manufactured anymore?

    Simply ask us about it – we’re often able to secure end-of-life products. When your customer needs a discontinued product, we can help you save the day.

  • How many products do you have in stock?

    Instead of carrying 100,000+ products, we keep about 500 of the most popular ones. This allows us to create large margin opportunities for you.

  • How flexible are your solutions?

    Super flexible. We can customize in a way that others can’t. By taking time to get to know you – with efficiency – our perfect-fit solution save you time in the long-run. No cookie-cutter solutions here.

  • Would you tell me more about your team?

    Absolutely! You can learn more here.

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