April 23, 2019

Demystifying Digital Transformation

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There’s a lot of hype out there about “digital transformation” and “disruption”

. . . You’ve noticed it?

Yet when you put aside the emotional components – the fears of falling behind digital trends, the marketing pressures to jump on the latest bandwagon – there are calm, steady structures to rest on.

An Ingram Micro exec recently announced that more and more solutions providers’ customers are facing security concerns. So, VARs like you are expatriating apps + data from the public cloud.

(Note: The trend is supposed to continue over the next year. See the article >)

As a result, Ingram Micro is leveraging HPE hardware + VMware software to host private cloud solutions.

To echo an old saying . . .

“The more things change, the more things stay the same.”

New trends emerge, yet the IT hardware underneath them – that vital foundation – is cemented in.

New technology always needs a server to compute, disks to store data and network ports to connect + communicate.

That’s a non-negotiable.

Those tools are how you execute.

Without them, you can’t innovate.

In the coming months, we’ll unpack digital transformation.

First, let’s tackle the basics – and make digital transformation relevant to you + your customers.

Defining “Digital Transformation”

Known as “DX” for short, digital transformation is technically a far-reaching economic – and societal – conversation.

All verticals, from the public to the private sector, continually adopt new tech that eases operations – and seeks to better quality of life.

That’s the big picture.

. . . What’s important to you and me, right now?

Business + DX.

For us, it’s bettering your bottom line.

For us, it’s hyper-connectedness via hardware. (See our IoT discussion >>)

For us, it’s improving your end user’s experience.

It’s at the edges.

And, more than ever, consumers/end users are knowledgeable about technology – and demand transparency.

That’s an awesome step in the evolution of business.

It’s time to communicate clearly to your customers – and we can help you shape those conversations.

Your IT hardware is the mainstay – so your tech stack can, well, stack.

Let’s Cut Through the Noise

As you know, your customers’ hardware is the undeniable foundation to their IT setup succeeding.

We can help you shape your customer conversations so that you can communicate what’s really important.

Lightning-quick quotes.

We’re confident that you’ll find real value – and a real difference – at B2X. New and great things can happen to established and mature industries, come experience it for yourself.

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