May 25, 2019

What Commoditization Means For You (with an Inside Scoop on HPE Aruba Networking)

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The commoditization trend has been unstoppable

As part of the digital transformation across numerous businesses – and across many verticals – the IT hardware supply chain has become complicated and fractured. The good news? Our unique – and independent – position between wholesale + resale helps us understand commoditization better than anyone in the channel. (Which boosts our clients’ profits.)

What does this trend mean for you?

  1. You’re witnessing a persistent trend. You see, IT products are actually quite mature when it comes to commoditization. For decades, this natural evolution has been progressing on the client side (e.g., laptops, desktops, phones). And you know what? Enterprise equipment has withstood commoditization for many years. Now, we’re seeing this trend creep up the supply chain . . . all the way into the most valued – and most mission-critical – equipment.
  2. You’ll watch more products moving toward commoditization, both inside and outside the IT supply chain. This process of lessening value – which is often derived from the uniqueness of the product – is taking the “secret sauce” out of the proprietary products we once knew.
  3. You may notice supply-chain inefficiencies + arbitrage. While these elements have always existed, as sure as the sun rises and sets, the speed of commerce has increased their impact in recent years.
  4. You need a distributor who’s got your back. As our world grows smaller, trade borders continue to loosen, and ecommerce only gets stronger, the buyer-seller relationship continues to evolve. Enterprise equipment in B2C channels causes confusion, and we can coach you on how to speak to your customers about these changes – and how a solution provider and trusted advisor can serve them better. Ask us for advice anytime.

Clearly, our industry will be more and more affected by the commoditization trend as time goes on. Our most successful customers have recognized that commoditization is simply a part of our industry – and are making friends with it. Resistance is futile: Find a partner that can turn this trend into a competitive advantage and shake hands with it.


Speaking of commoditization … the below product line is available all over the interwebs, but its complexity and specialization make it a risky purchase without a competent and trusted supplier backing the transaction.

For instance, Aruba 5400zl Switches

We stock a lot of HPE Aruba networking (it’s our favorite brand + type of hardware to engineer, sell, configure, and ship). Over the years, we’ve watched HPE Aruba networking products’ consistent growth in popularity – both online and through marketplaces.

The latest scoop

Here’s how we see it.


The shift has been going on for months – and will continue for months – as production is inconsistent on the sunsetting models. As a result, there’s a dynamic market on Amazon for these items: Prices rise and fall 10% or more throughout the day.


We’ve all done it, and sometimes it works out. But is sourcing product from Amazon a good business practice and competitive advantage? Not so much. Is choosing a progressive distributor that specializes in the most popular items for the data center at your side – and reliably delivering for your customers – a better strategy? We think so.


As HPE’s “best-in-class” product for the mid-market, you get all the features and customization. The best part about that mid-market position? You get reasonable pricing compared to Cisco and Juniper equivalents. Another “best” is that these switches have the best warranty in the industry:

  • Lifetime
  • Free
  • All-inclusive
  • No subscriptions or recurring costs

Who’s using this product? These Aruba switches are in high demand for mid-market commercial, state/local governments, and education environments

Ask B2X to configure it: Since these are modular switches, each needs to be configured to order. Our team knows this product line inside and out, so we can achieve the exact port density and feature sets your customer needs.

Plus, B2X takes large inventory positions on the enclosures, modules, and cabling for this product line – so we’re your 1-stop shop.

Lightning-quick quotes.

We’re confident that you’ll find real value – and a real difference – at B2X. New and great things can happen to established and mature industries, come experience it for yourself.

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