May 21, 2019

Coming Through for a Brand-New CIO

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One of our clients was in touch with an IT director who’d recently taken a new job as a CIO. After assessing what his predecessor had left for him to handle, the IT director-turned-CIO rang up his old vendor (a B2X client), requesting a major network upgrade, involving 40 configured switches to 3 unique sites. He received quotes from 2 other VARs – and all had similar pricing + a 2–3-week lead time.

Our client spoke with the newly minted CIO, learning that time was of the essence: He truly wanted the equipment on-site by the end of that week!

Our client called us, asking whether we could accelerate the process – and get equipment on-site in 4 days.

We Could

Our client called the other distributors, asking for quicker delivery – but 2 weeks was still their best-case scenario.

B2X had the majority of the equipment available to ship, right away – and sourced the balance within 48 hours.

Then, all the gear shipped out on 1 pallet, for all 3 sites, preconfigured and imaged to the end user’s specifications.

And our client got all the glory, saving the day for the brand-new CIO!

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