August 20, 2018

HPE Aruba vs Cisco

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Do you need to switch?

If you’re cruising along with Cisco, do you need to switch to HPE Aruba? Conversely, if HPE Aruba products are among the 5 things you’d bring to a deserted island, do you need to consider Cisco?

1. If you stick with – or switch to – Cisco …

They’ve led the market for years & years, so you can’t really go wrong with this brand. Cisco hardware is consistently high-quality, reliable, and pragmatic. The downside: Unless you’re a sizable VAR – and one that’s invested in a long-term Cisco partnership – working with their channel sales support is known to be difficult.

 2. If you’re considering a switch to HPE Aruba …

A compelling reason to shift your loyalties to HPE Aruba? Less red tape. You get lifetime warranties with no subscriptions, renewals, licensing, or upgrades. (With Cisco, those are mandatory.) Often HPE’s pricing model offers the reseller a win-win: larger margins and a better overall ROI for their customer. However, if your customers are die-hard Cisco aficionados, then convincing them to budge might not be worth the time & headache.

3.    On a case-by-case basis, choose one or the other …

Taking time to research how Cisco vs. HPE Aruba stack up – for each unique customer environment and use case – can be tiring. That said, your effort can pay off. You can flexibly deliver the very best solution to your customer, every time. And if you simply bring in the B2X team early on, we can suggest the pros & cons of both solutions – at no additional cost.

Do you need help with an HPE Aruba vs. Cisco choice?

If you’re on the fence, drop me a line, reply to this email, or give me a ring at (949) 464-5901. No matter whose switches you buy, enjoy the finale to your summer!

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